Early Life

David Charles Kraft (Born November 10th 1987) is a Canadian Author currently residing in London Ontario, Canada. During his childhood, David grew up in a small city known as Brantford. Upon realizing that there was not much to do, other than attending the local cinema which he frequently went to with his friends. David often found himself retreating to the Brantford Public Library where his Grandmother worked as a Custodian. It was at this time that he found himself obsessing over Fantasy and Adventure themed Novels. Out of the hundreds of books that he had read, Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of N.I.M.H. and the Redwall series found their way to David’s heart more than any other book series.

Upon discovering his love for reading, David was highly encouraged by his mother and his stepfather to write stories in his free time. It was during this time that he wrote many stories. The most memorable being a story about Ghosts at a carnival (which was the first story he ever felt proud enough about to show his parents) and a fictional story about anthropomorphic animals on board the R.M.S. Titanic (which David submitted as a 6th grade creative writing project.

High school Years 

At the turn of the century, the world for David quickly changed. From 2002 – 2006, David attended Brantford Collegiate Institute and vacational school (BCI for short) to achieve a higher education.

While focusing on his second year of schooling, David’s stepfather passed away on August 14th 2003, after suffering a heart attack brought on by a blood clot lodged within a major heart valve. Not long after, his best friend, Jake, was killed by suicide. 

Sinking into a depression and escaping from the reality of the situations happening around him, David took a creative writing course to help vent his negative emotions. 

During the class, David’s teacher grabbed his binder and read the words privately. He refused to believe that the emotion and story telling was not from a previously published work. Even though he took the failing grade, David walked away proud knowing that he had what it took to one day be a published author.

Creation of “The Legend of Katta series”

During late 2007, while working as a janitor at Rona Home and Garden Center in Brantford, David sat down during his lunch break and wrote down a single idea. 

“I didn’t even know what it was at the time. I just thought up the idea for a new story based around a legendary race who for one reason or another just disappeared. I didn’t know who they were, or what they were or how they disappeared, I just thought the idea of an entire population disappearing sounded interesting. For one reason or another that idea never left me, and I spent years polishing it into what it would become. It became my central focus for a book series. I can’t even explain where the idea came from, it just popped into my head. If you would have told me I would have spent thousands of hours on an idea that popped into my hand for only 5 seconds, I would have told you that you were crazy.”