Book # 1 The Legend of the Katta:  Descent into Darkness

Expected Release Date: June 2021

 Note: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has taken the world by storm, we may experience     some temporary delays. We are still trying to provide you with a timely delivery. Thank you for   understanding!

 Current status: Printing in production

 The world is on the brink of war! The evil vixen Shira and her den of villainous foxes have                   conquered the Northern Territories and have set their sights on ruling it with an iron fist. Then       comes the day where a stranger stands before her… a stranger who is unafraid of her power… a         stranger in possession of a flaming sword… a stranger who claims to be a part of the ancient             Katta warriors, defenders of the powerful Soulforge. But the Katta don’t truly exist… right? They         were merely supposed to be a stupid legend. Stories of phantom warriors who only show up               during times of great conflict. Thus begins the ultimate battle between good and evil, where               legend and reality meet, and the fate of two lands hang in the balance, where the line between         friend and foe is blurred, and the only way to see the light, is by entering the darkness which             may just destroy everyone involved.